SizeUp is a handheld laser scanner to get dimensions of packages. It is meant to simplify billing for delivery companies like FedEx. The idea is that the pickup person will be able to measure accurate dimensions of the package at the pickup site, which will be transferred to a mobile device and the client would be billed instantly. This will speed up the process at the warehouse and add transparency to billing. This product was developed for and while working at, Bangalore.

I developed the device from concept to multiple prototypes and led a team of four to bring the device to early production. The device is under pilot testing right now. US patent #US20190033455A1 was granted for the device.

I developed ten prototypes of SizeUp, making four drastic design shifts and six incremental prototypes. Photos of some of the prototypes developed and fabricated by me are below:

An initial failed PoC
A failed attempt for better ergonomics. Added screen.
Forth and final iteration. Testing the shell.
Final iteration. Fully functional.

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