enjoy working with wood in my projects. I like the warmth of the touch and character of the grain. A lot can be done with just a power drill and an angle grinder. So, I’ve setup a small wood-shop in my balcony.  Here are some of my woodworking projects:

Rustic tripod coffee table

It took some clever gymnastics to maintain orientation and attach the legs on this table. I’m quite happy with the results. This was also my first experiment with wood burning and I might have overdone a little -at one point I had to pour water to extinguish the fire.







You know how hard it is to get a grip on that precision screwdriver set of yours. Plus it’s a pain to search for and change bits. So, one day I just made a bunch of wooden handles and I’ve never looked back! It’s surprising how much of a difference this little change makes. I’ve organized them by type on my desk, and now I know exactly where to reach out to get the type I want.
Step-by-step tutorial : Instructable


Sit down table

This Korean style sit down table is surprisingly sturdy for the little amount of wood it’s made of. The graffiti is a constant reminder of my love of electronics and always cheers me up when I’m feeling low 🙂




Simple hanger

I understood that sometimes it’s good to make mistakes and have a hook off by a bit. A little sloppiness gives the hangers more character. Of course one should not go overboard with the idea.







Recently got introduced to the wood lathe. Here’s what I came up with-