_ss_6698We believe the future of media is democratic and that media should give power to the people. With this in mind we present DharaWE, an app to organize community level problem solving. The app allows people to post problems and gamifies problem solving by awarding  people points for taking constructive actions. We wish to engage the whole community towards hyper-local problem solving. As an example, if a teacher is unavailable for the day, posting the problem should allow people to volunteer to teach students and earn points in the process. Publicly placed digital leader-boards would display the most active members. The app also acts as a simple way to post complaints to relevant authorities, like the municipal corporation. Inspired by a visit to Dharavi, we believe that the core concept is universally applicable.

Team Future of Media:
Amitabh Shrivastava(tinkrmind.tech)
Ayesha Kapadia (instagram.com/kometjuice)
Isha Jhunjhunwala (ishajhunjhunwala.com)
Sumedh Sawant(sumedhsawant.com)