Augmented Reality. Education. Textbooks.

Is that enough hints?
Okay, let me spell it out:
Kids don’t like to open their textbooks. If we can remove the dread of opening the textbook, and give them content that is relatable they’d learn more. So, what if you had an app that would work offline, in which you scan the page from your standard textbook and it puts relevant 3D models or fun graphics, or MCQ’s or short videos right on your cellphone screen? You don’t need to go through a menu or type anything or log into a web portal. It’s all about making relevant information available readily. It can be used as a teaching aid in a classroom or individually. There are some AR educational aids in the app store, but there’s nothing tied to a textbook as of yet. I think the big difference would come from the fact that the students can jump to a topic by simply turning the page. It maintains the searchability and tangibility of the book and the rich content availability from the cellphone displays. Of course the app would put the phone on airplane mode to avoid distractions.

I’m sure in India, where everyone is obsessed about high school education, this’ll be a smash success. Make it free and open, wiki style, and teachers will flock to add content, one hopes.

Please oh please someone make this! I’m not good enough at programming :/