Solve a problem, don’t sell a product.

Product design is tough. It’s hard to internalize the design thinking process. As an engineer it’s too easy for me to think of a tech and put it in a context. Hey, here’s a water pressure sensor, why don’t I use it to monitor the water level in my overhead tank? I wouldn’t think completely dumb ideas.. but they wouldn’t be truly innovative as well. The worst happens when I get to know of a new tech. My brain instantly vomits ten situations where I could apply the tech. It takes conscious effort to not start thinking this is the best thing since sliced bread. To reach God level in product design, it’s important to think of tech as tools and not products. The tech is a small piece of the puzzle. It needs to be put in a specific use case. So, the first time you think of a solution, stop thinking about the solution and start thinking of the problem. Forget the tech and understand the problem. Solve a problem, don’t sell a product.