Yupo Jelly – it sucks!(and that’s good)

Yupo Jelly is a transparent PET sheet with micro-suction cups on the back that stick to flat surfaces. Since it works using suction, it doesn’t leave any adhesive residue when removed.

It is typically used for putting up signage temporarily. It does not support printing via inkjet or laser printers however and needs one of the following techniques: UV offset, UV silkscreen and UV digital. It is fully recyclable.


A ruler is dangling on the side, being stuck to the yupo jelly paper.

Material ConneXion Link

Manufacturer Link : The manufacturer is easy to get in touch with and eager to work with artists. Samples are provided freely. Product is available for purchase from the manufacturer easily. Swatches available through application here. Distributors.

Product Datasheet1 / Product Datasheet2

Interesting use cases:

  • Laptop webcam cover
  • Put it all around your house: mount your phone on the walls
  • Holding down mylar or similar light material while laser-cutting
  • Holding PCBs for SMD assembly

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