Skill Level Remarks
Art of the Bodge Jedi I de-soldered a 40 pin QFN package with a Dremel. Yes, a Dremel; and then hand soldered the replacement. It worked.
Soldering Jedi I’m the fastest solder monkey I know. I can solder without helping hands while upside down and rework 0402 components by hand. Weapon of choice: TS100 with a chisel tip.
Manual fabrication Jedi I can make a wind-tunnel out of acrylic sheets and screws.
Digital Fabrication Master I assembled a Prusa I3, have clocked over 250 hours laser cutting and can use Mastercam to run ancient CNC’s.
PCB Design Master KiCAD is my friend. I’m getting good with Eagle.
Woodworking Master I made most of my furniture and built a wall from IKEA furniture to divide my living room.
Arduino Master I can write simple libraries but I struggle with registers and timers.
Sketching Intermediate I can put weird 3D shapes on paper to communicate visually.
Python Intermediate I can write code that’ll get the job done.
Raspberry Pi Intermediate I can set up cron jobs, firewall, python all over ssh.
Linux Intermediate My daily driver is an Ubuntu machine. I dual boot with Windows for othermill, adobe suite, and some CAD software.
3D parametric CAD Intermediate I can make a quick design in OnShape but can’t do stress analysis to determine the best thickness for a ridge.
Back end web Intermediate I can make sure no one will steal your passwords and allow multi-user interaction with sockets.
Front end web development Beginner I can make something that’ll work but you’ll lose me at SASSy CSS.
3D organic CAD Beginner I can make a tweak something in Blender or fix a mesh in Meshmixer but I can’t design a character from scratch.|</c